Restaurateurs for over 30 years, the owners of Seoul Garden Restaurant opened its doors in 1994 in Houston, Texas, and continue operating it today, serving hearty, flavorful cuisine with the same quality and consistency over the years. 


Seoul Garden offers a traditional, full-service Korean menu, including the famous table-top grilling and a wide range of soups, stews, appetizers and entrées. Every dish and ingredient is carefully and authentically made from scratch, including the chili paste (gochijang), bean paste (taenjang, the Korean version of miso paste), and the various pickled vegetables and other seasoned small side dishes (kimchi and panchan) that accompany each meal.Seoul Garden provides the full range of Korea’s diverse cuisine.


Dishes range from Korean tartare (yook hwe), grilled fishes, seafood stews, tofu dishes, seasoned mountain vegetables, grilled marinated meats, mung bean flour pancakes (pintaeduk, the Korean version of fritters), traditional dumplings, cold noodle soups (naeng myun) and Korean hotpot soups (junggol). The traditional side dishes, or panchan, that accompany a meal, are composed of a variety of fresh and flavored vegetables, such as a salad of greens with a peppery Korean-style vinaigrette, and other items to interest the palate like steamed egg or seasoned potatoes.  Jigae, or stews, feature ingredients ranging from clam and fish to soft tofu and are savory with bright flavors yet not too heavy. 

9446 Long Point Road, Houston TX 77055      713.935.9696

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